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Who are we, history and historical data.

Tifogame is an online prediction platform, where partners can host their own competition, linked to a brand or a product.

Advantages for partners:

  • Exposure
  • Data through GDPR-proof opt-ins
  • Customized Call-to-action

April 2018, Tifogame was launched during the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Soon, it turned out to be a hit:

  • 34.000 unique predictions
  • 123 partners
  • 351 rewards

Thanks to the major interest, we decided to adapt the platform to both domestic and foreign football competitions. Starting from July 2019, Tifogame 3.0 will be launched and the version for the UEFA Eurocup 2020 will be developed.

  • Users: 72 000
  • Page views: 1 600 000
  • Bounce rate (number of visitors going away after one click on the site): 28%
  • Average stay: 04:38

Still not convinced?
Then, we let our partners do the talking.


What players think

I just wanted to say that I really love the intent of your platform. Major advantage is that it’s free to play, when comparing it to other prediction platforms!


I am really into Tifogame, with its wide supply of both domestic and foreign football matches. This means that everyone can find a competition that suits her or him!


I like Tifogame, it’s just a great concept. If it were up to me to choose a prize, I would definitely go for a football trip to a foreign top competition.


Nice prono with nice prizes!

Wall of winners