1. Tifogroup LLC

  1. Tifogroup LLC is a limited liability company, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0686.636.274, with its registered office at Kuipweg 13, 8400 Ostend in Belgium.

2. Applicability 

2. Tifogroup LLC devises, develops and manages various football-related products, including Tifogame. The terms of use apply to all products, services and websites offered by Tifogroup, unless a product, service or website explicitly deviates from them in certain respects.

3. Every visit to Tifogroup’s websites is subject to these terms of use, including the special provisions specific to the website consulted. In order to participate in Tifogame, you must always agree to the applicability of these terms of use. Tifogroup may amend these terms of use at any time and the amended terms of use are valid from the time they are posted on our websites.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

4. The information provided on our website, the services provided, and any software used for their use are protected by (intellectual) property rights that belong exclusively to Tifogroup or to which it has a license.

5. Total or partly reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, adaptation, translation, manipulation or use, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes in any way is expressly prohibited. Exceptions may only be granted with the prior written consent of Tifogroup.

6. The storage of information from our websites in a database is expressly prohibited, with the exception of the automatic ‘caching’ of the information by the browser.

7. If circumstances give cause to do so, Tifogroup is entitled to cancel a game in whole or in part without further notice.

8. Tifogroup, the partners, sponsors and/or advertisers involved are not responsible and cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage in any form whatsoever arising or resulting from the games on www.tifogame.be.

9. All Tifogroup products, including Tifogame, are subject to Belgian law. Any disputes relating to the games will be settled by the competent court in Tifogroup LLC’s place of business in accordance with Belgian law.

10. If any provision of these terms and conditions conflicts with any applicable law or regulation, or if a competent court finds any provision to be invalid, void or otherwise legally invalid, such provision shall be deemed to be reformulated to reflect, as far as possible, Tifogroup’s intent contained in the original provision in accordance with applicable law or regulation, and the remaining terms, conditions, stipulations and restrictions shall remain in full force and effect.

4. Players 

11. The website www.tifogame.be is aimed at private individuals.

12. Someone who has registered on the above-mentioned websites is further referred to as “end user”.

13. Tifogroup reserves the right to disqualify end users at any time or to refuse participation in games on www.tifogame.be without giving reasons. In any event, Tifogroup is entitled to refuse or disqualify if an end user has violated any of the terms and conditions, has provided incomplete or incorrect information or has in any way violated applicable laws and regulations.

14. Tifogroup employees including partners and/or sponsors may participate in a game on tifogame.be but are not eligible for any prizes available.

15. An end user can always participate in the games of tifogame.be free of charge.

16. If an end user wishes to participate in one or more competitions or games on tifogame.be, he/she must create an account on the website.

17. The creation of an account involves the input of personal data (surname and first name and e-mail address). In addition, a username and password will be added to complete the account. Tifogroup LLC reserves the right, if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or out of date, to suspend or refuse registration and/or the service requested.

18. The minimum age for participating in the games on tifogame.be is 16 years. Tifogroup LLC has the right at any time to ask an end user to provide valid proof of identity in order to verify the age of the end user concerned. This proof must be submitted within 10 days.

19. The player name of an end-user is in the name of the end-user who created it. In the event of inappropriate use of language, Tifogroup LLC may at any time decide to delete the prediction. End-users are aware that their player name and prediction will be made public.

20. An end user is not allowed to participate with more than one e-mail address.

21. All information regarding the storage, security, use and purposes of personal data of end users can be found under the privacy section.

5. Competitions  

22. Tifogame.be offers various competitions. These competitions are spread over several playing days and each deal with its own theme, linked to a company, partner, sponsor or advertiser.

23. An end user can always participate in one or more current competitions. After the end of the competition it is no longer possible to participate in the competition.

24. In order to participate in one of the competitions, the end user must confirm his prediction. Participation is only valid and saved when a confirmation box appears. The participant will also receive a confirmation e-mail at the specified e-mail address.

25. Tifogroup LLC cannot be held liable if a participation has not been confirmed.

26. With the confirmation of participation, the end user is given the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter of the partner sponsoring the competition. The user is free to tick this option. The end user can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in one of the e-mails or by sending an e-mail to info@tifogame.be.

27. An end user can always change his prediction up to 1 hour before the start of the competition(s).

28. The final results are the results that are confirmed by the Pro League. In exceptional cases, results will be adjusted or deleted by the Pro League. In such cases, Tifogroup LLC reserves the right to decide independently whether to adjust or maintain the results.

29. At the end of a competition, the winners will be informed by Tifogroup LLC via e-mail to the specified e-mail address. A second mail will follow with more information and an optional third mail with the proposal of a strict deadline.

30.  If the winner does not answer before the stipulated deadline in the third mail, his right on the prize lapses.

31. All prizes will be communicated to the players via the website www.tifogame.be. Tifogroup LLC reserves the right to modify these prizes at any time.

32. The awarding of prizes is subject to the provision that Tifogroup LLC and/or its partners are not forced by law or court order to stop offering prizes.

33. Winners will accept the prizes as issued. Prizes won are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or vouchers.

34. In the event of a dispute, Tifogroup LLC will consider and communicate any such dispute to the persons concerned on a case-by-case basis.


6. Liability 

35. Tifogroup LLC reserves the right, in the event of force majeure or exceptional circumstances (such as hacking, cracking, viruses, technical faults and other internet related problems) beyond the control of Tifogroup LLC, to change the organization of the competition at any time, to suspend or stop the competition.

36. Any attempt to commit fraud, other illegal acts or abuse will result in the immediate exclusion of the entrant.

37. Under no circumstances can Tifogroup LLC or any third party be held liable for any damage concerning the designation of the winners, participation in and organization of the competition.

7. Privacy  

38. Tifogroup LLC keeps the data of players for various reasons. There are mandatory data to create, register, verify, store and secure an end user’s account. The correct input of personal data (surname, first name and e-mail address) is a prerequisite for creating a valid account. Tifogroup LLC reserves the right to suspend or refuse registration and/or the requested service if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or out of date.

39. Tifogroup LLC offers a newsletter to all end users. The choice to receive this newsletter is entirely up to the end user. If an end-user no longer wishes to receive this newsletter, he can always unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in one of the e-mails or by sending an e-mail to info@tifogame.be.

40. If an end user wishes to be kept informed via a newsletter from one of our partners, he can always sign up for it. If an end user no longer wishes to receive this newsletter, he can always unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in one of the e-mails or by sending an e-mail to info@tifogame.be.

41. Tifogroup LLC protects the data of the end users and will not pass them on in any way to a third party without the explicit consent of the end user.

42. An end user has the right to request his data at any time that is stored at Tifogroup LLC.

43. An end user has the right to have his data modified by Tifogroup LLC.

44. An end-user has the right to transfer his data held at Tifogroup LLC to another party or service.

45. An end-user has the right to have his data held by Tifogroup LLC deleted.

46. An end-user has the right to complain to the data protection authority at any time.

47. Tifogroup LLC always provides a complete and updated privacy statement on all websites under the responsibility of Tifogroup LLC.

48. Tifogroup LLC reserves the right to amend the content of the privacy statement without contravening the rules of Belgian law.

49. Tifogroup’s Azure servers are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Data Security

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 GDPR, subprocessors, data transfer and government access

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