Tifogame is a product from Tifogroup NV.


Tifogroup believes that the success and strength of the (inter)national football sector lies with the fans and not only with the clubs and players. However, supporters are too often seen as a passive source of income, while as a community they can represent an enormous power in the world of football. Tifogroup therefore puts the feeling of supporters at the heart of its virtual games so that the voice of the supporters is heard. In this way, Tifogroup not only wants to reduce the gap between the clubs and the supporters, but also wants to increase the interaction between both parties.

TIFOGAME is an online forecasting platform where users can forecast for free at various European competitions. Users can participate in different pronos, each containing a unique theme, competition or competition and sponsored by a company, brand or product. is now in its third version, after the World Cup in Russia with 31,881 players participating and 351 prizes awarded, and the 2018-2019 season of (inter)national league football.

Individuals always play for FREE.



Any adult natural person who has his or her residence in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or France can participate in the pronos of

Minors may participate in the forecasts provided that they have obtained the prior consent of their parents (or of the person exercising parental authority). If a minor participates, this means that he/she has obtained such permission. Tifogroup reserves the right to request such permission.

A player can only make use of at most 1 account. Tifogroup is free to remove accounts in case of reasonable doubt.


At Tifogame, there are 2 kinds of pronos: (classic) pronos and quick pronos.


There are two types of pronos. The first type deals with the direction of the result.

For each match, the participants must indicate the direction of the result. These results could whether be “Home team wins”, a “draw” or “away team wins”. Each time a player assesses this correctly, 10 points are awarded. The prono runs approximately over the period of one week(end) up to one month and the participant collecting the highest number of points by the end of this period, wins this monthly competition. In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker is taken into account. Both tie-breakers are taken into account in the calculation. The difference of tie-breakers will be added up, the participant who gets the smallest difference is the winner. If an ex-aequo remains after this selection, the time at which the prono was filled in decides; the earliest filled in prono wins.

In order to participate validly, the knowledge question must be correct. Tifogame is a competition, if the knowledge question is answered incorrectly, that player cannot score points.

The second type of prono is about one specific result. A player scores 30 points if he/she has the score completely correct, 15 points if he/she has the number of goals for one of the 2 teams correct and has correctly estimated the direction of the match result and 5 points if he/she has only the correct direction. A player scores 0 points if he/she estimates both the score and the direction incorrectly.

Tifogroup is free to shut down every prono at every moment without awarding the prize to the winner.


Beside the classic pronos, there is another type of pronos, called “quick prono”. With this kind of prono, a user can try to guess the direction of the result of single match games in the match centre. Therefore, a user can pick a football game out of the available games in the match centre, or he/she can look up a team for which he/she wants to predict the result. With a quick prono, you only have to indicate the direction of the result. Does your estimation turn out to be correct? In that case, you will receive 10 points. If your estimation was wrong, you won’t receive any points.

These quick pronos are not tied to a classic prono, nor to winning prizes. With quick pronos, you try to collect as many “wins” as possible. The more wins you collect, the higher you end up in the general ranking. More about this can be read under section C. Rankings.



A ranking is kept up to date for each prono. A prono clearly states the period over which it runs. A start and end date are clearly indicated. After each match, the ranking within the group is adjusted. The participant who is in first place after the last match of the last day of play of a prediction is the winner of this competition. This participant wins the posted prize. The same reasoning applies to places 2 and 3, etc. 


In addition to the prono ranking, there is also the “Hall of Fame” or the general (monthly) ranking. All Tifogame players are ranked each month based on the number of “wins” they have won. A win is the correct prediction of 1 match, regardless of whether it took place in a weekly prono, a monthly prono or a quickprono. The player who has collected the most “wins” at the end of the month is at the top of the overall ranking. Tifogroup reserves the right at all times to give away prizes to players who are at the top of the general classification but cannot be obliged to give away prizes.

In case of an ex-aequo within the overall ranking, the player’s accuracy score will be taken into account. The accuracy score is the percentage of wins of the player compared to the number of matches entered (if a player forecasts 100 matches and wins 45, his accuracy score is 45%). If there is still an ex-aequo between players, the number of pre-stimulated matches of the players is taken into account. The player who has predicted the most matches wins. In the exceptional case that there is still an ex-aequo between players, the time of the last participation will be taken into account. The player who had completed his last predicted football game earlier, wins the game. 

Each month a new general ranking starts so that each player always has a chance to become the best player of the month. 

Tifogroup always reserves the right to give away prizes to players who are at the top of the league table but cannot be obliged to give away prizes. 


The organizer of a prono provides a prize for the winner(s) of the prediction. The prize will be displayed within the prono. There is always more explanation available about the prize. Tifogroup is not responsible for providing or awarding the prize unless the competition is organized by Tifogroup itself. This is clearly indicated by the name of the prono and by the posted logo for each competition.

If the winner is a minor, this prize can only be received by his/her parents (or by the person who exercises parental authority).

The score within a monthly or weekly prono only counts within this prono and not for other pronos. It is up to the player to enter a prediction in all desired groups. The same prediction can be repeated but must be entered again.

A user can only participate once within the same prono. If a user uses a different e-mail address to create an account and participate in the same prono, the user won’t have a chance anymore to win a prize. On purpose participating in the same prono with different accounts can be punished severely. Tifogroup reserves the right not to give away prizes in case of reasonable doubt that a player has cheated. Also, all accounts of a player can be removed, if Tifogroup discovers that a player owns multiple accounts.

If a player wins a prize at Tifogame, then he/she will receive an autoreply with the confirmation of his/her win. Within one week after the win, the player will receive another mail with more information about the practical circumstances of receiving the prize. If the player doesn’t respond, then the player will receive a reminder with a deadline. If the player doesn’t respond to that mail before the stipulated deadline, then Tifogroup reserves the right not to award the prize to that player anymore.


The player will find his profile on the dashboard. This profile uses an avatar chosen by the player. If the player does not use it, a default avatar will be displayed. The avatar or photo chosen by the player must not be in any way discriminatory, racist or offensive. Tifogroup reserves the right to change or modify avatars or pictures on player profiles. In addition, Tifogroup also reserves the right to remove users from the Tifogame prediction platform after repeated violations to this rule.

On the dashboard, players can find a number of personal statistics:

  • WINS: A win is the correct prediction of one game, regardless of whether it took place in a classic prono or a quick prono.
  • ACCURACY SCORE: The accuracy score of a player indicates the percentage of correct predictions. In order to determine the accuracy score, the number of correct predictions is divided by the total number of predictions, multiplied by 100.
  • MATCH: The number of matches predicted by a player, no matter if took place in a classic prono or a quick prono.

If you have any questions, or if something isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail via or text us on Facebook. We will be very eager to answer your questions as soon as possible.